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Just living life. 

Well in January we moved and that was a success! We enjoy living where we are. Last year my step dad was diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure but he seems to be hanging on and doing better. We had some bad stuff happen last month but everything seems to be doing well this month! If you would like to follow more of what’s been going on in the life and times of our life you can follow me on Instagram at kody2884 . I typically don’t have time to post much on here anymore. I will be posting about our family ostara celebration and I’ll post what I have of my other blog Tonight. Honestly we have taken a different approach to our sons education and it’s working. We decided to switch it up because of him starting school. So if ya want a more up to date look and drama free way of keeping up to date there’s always my Instagram! I will be doing a little thing about what it means to be a martial artist shortly. But still working everyday and now in charge of a bunch of things at work. Work has been hella busy but very rewarding. Trying to get ready for our business to move has been a hassle but we are getting there!