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The kids sitting with their poppi!
Meeting the cow
New members cake!
He loves cake lol
New members names!!!
Playing at aunt M and aunt S house
Outdoor movie!
Clean teeth!
Official yellow belt!
By the water
Beer on float…. suns out…. feeling good!
Passed hearing test!

These two…. took them to another outdoor movie… I think they were plotting on us lmao!
Cousins ❤️
My nephews.
Helping with the cookout at aunt M and aunt S house.
Farmers market shopping!

Farmers market. Bought these two doughnuts lol
Mountains ❤️
Swimming and popsicles at nannas house ❤️

What it means. 

Martial arts tenets. ( tae kwon do). 

Self discipline- the ability to control ones feelings and overcome ones weaknesses 

Example: wanting to hurt someone but not doing it. 

Benefits: able to maintain a higher tolerance for frustration, challenges, and negative emotions. 

Honesty- the quality of being honest. 

Example: admitting guilt even when not faced with accusation. 

Benefits: less stress

Respect- the feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their ability, qualities, or achievement. 

Example: not being disrespectful towards others.

Benefits: getting respect back.

Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. 

Example: keeping promises, not gossiping 

Benefits: it helps you make better decisions in life. 

Tolerance- the ability or willingness to tolerate something in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. 

Example: when you disagree with someone but you respectfully do so instead of being mean. 

Benefits : will be a better example for others.

Self esteem- confidence in ones own worth or abilities. 

Example: realizing it’s not the quantity but quality of friends. 

Benefits: happier person 

Courtesy- the showing of politeness in ones attitude and behavior towards others. 

Example: helping people any way you can.

Benefits: more friends. 

Indomitable spirit- impossible to subdue. A spirit that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage. 

Example: giving whatever you are doing 100%.

Benefits: able to reach your goals.

Commitment- the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause , activity, etc…..

Example: not running from what you started 

Benefits: better person.

Perseverance- steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Example: sticking to a plan.

Benefits: more opportunities 

Courage- the ability to do something that frightens one. 

Example: defending yourself or others and controlling your actions. 

Benefits: confidence 

Leadership- the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

Example: practice what you preach, being kind to all people, controlling your actions.

Benefits: living with a good conscience. 

Not only is it good for self defense but growing spiritually as well.


When we first moved to the upstate we looked for a place of worship . We visited every open excepting church in the upstate. Even one in NC. None of them really fit what we wanted out of religion. We revisited a UU church and realized that, that is our place. So last week we joined and it’s been amazing and we can’t wait to get involved and learn on our spiritual journey. It’s been really refreshing and calming to finally find a home church and love where we are. We really love it there and there has been so much I’ve learned. The sermon today was about “what would you do if you had no limitations”.  It’s really hard because I’ve had lots of limitations in my life. I’ve used those as an excuse to not do things, presumably because I’m scared of the outcome. I don’t want to fail and so I don’t try because it’s easier not to try then try and fail. I’ve not had any support until I met my wife. She really has been there for me and truly wants to see me succeed! We have already joined a group and plan on doing more. 

New members!!!! Very proud!!!!
What UU believe


Hey guys! I typically only have a blog up until a new one is posted ( kinda out with the old in with the new type thing). But until I get it together……. haha….. you can always follow me on Instagram which has a more in depth look into what’s happening and way more exciting stuff than here lol. So don’t be shy. Kody2884 is where you can find me! 

Just living life. 

Well in January we moved and that was a success! We enjoy living where we are. Last year my step dad was diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure but he seems to be hanging on and doing better. We had some bad stuff happen last month but everything seems to be doing well this month! If you would like to follow more of what’s been going on in the life and times of our life you can follow me on Instagram at kody2884 . I typically don’t have time to post much on here anymore. I will be posting about our family ostara celebration and I’ll post what I have of my other blog Tonight. Honestly we have taken a different approach to our sons education and it’s working. We decided to switch it up because of him starting school. So if ya want a more up to date look and drama free way of keeping up to date there’s always my Instagram! I will be doing a little thing about what it means to be a martial artist shortly. But still working everyday and now in charge of a bunch of things at work. Work has been hella busy but very rewarding. Trying to get ready for our business to move has been a hassle but we are getting there! 

Books and learning 

I’ve had a little time to read and it’s been amazing. I finished the 4 agreements by don Miguel. I finished the wisdom of ancient Egypt by James atern . I’m still reading fuck it by John Parkin, Radiance ( experience divine presence) by Gina lake.( update**** I have just finished this book). and bully proof by James Kerr. 

An amazing book. One that’s a life changer and a different blog!
Still reading this.
So much yes!
So much yes!
Kindle favorite
Kindle favorite
Kindle favorite

Year in review 2016

2016 has been a challenge for us all. Don’t matter who you are you have been challenged this year. It seems that it was just not a good year for most people. For me it was an ok year. It had some good and some bad. I really can’t complain about any year because every new year I’m alive! My year started off as any normal year. My son turned two, I’m 90% sure my ex whom I was on speaking terms with either died or fell off the earth( update, seen her recently and she’s not dead! ) , I mourned the loss of Robin Williams, prince, David Bowie, and gene wilder like everyone else, we were constantly visiting other states, we all tried not to get the Zika virus, we all laughed as North Korea threw a temper tantrum and launched a missile knowing they didn’t have the strength to reach the US, we cried as we watched harambe get shot because a parent couldn’t keep track of their kid, we cried when a terrorist killed gay people at a club in Florida, I had a friend get killed by a serial killer, I turned a year older…..( 32….ahhhhhhhh) , we had a couple of wonderful things happen that I can’t mention yet, we are moving, and we all watched in horror and excitement as they announced our new president of the United States of America! This year was also filled with crazy new dances like the dab, juju on that beat, nae nae, hit the Quan , and shmoney and who can forget the pen pineapple Apple pen!!!! The hover board ( which is not really a hover board) really took the world by storm. The drones got more popular by the day. And more people can smoke weed legally now. Next year will hopefully be better and less deaths and more love. More love is truly what we need. The more people show love the less people have to be mad about! I’m convinced that love is the answer. 

Tennessee adventure 

Trip to Tennessee a few weeks back . We have been to bays mountain before but if you ever get a chance to go then bays mountain is definitely worth the trip. So beautiful! Also warriors path state park is awesome and should not be looked over! 

Charmer of all creatures
Friendly deer
He was fishing lol
This view
Beaver dam
On the boat
He loves rides on boats
❤️ he enjoyed the water moving past
Watching the wolves get fed
Yum deer meat…….
Throwing meat to the wolves
Friend deer ( note* these deer don’t get eaten by the wolves they are tame deer that have been rescued along with the wolves).
Hey buddy
Hey dude!

Let it be known I have no idea what my son is looking at…….
We got him a wolf from the gift shop… He named him wolf…. Original dude…… Original!
Go for it little man!
Here is where I do a promo………… This place is absolutely amazing. The food is so good , I mean make you crave it good! The atmosphere is amazing, waterfall outside? Yes! The service is 100% ( this happens to be the night I found out about my friend and the waitress handled it like a champ!)
Said waterfall