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I am not your typical dad! I'm transgender, pagan, and the biggest country boy Ya ever seen. I'm a stay at home dad. I teach martial arts part time. I'm 2nd black belt in tae kwon do, combat hapkido, and jujitsu. My soon to be wife is a doctor. We have a less than year old son name koda. We like to hike, camp, kayak, bike, run, and anything outdoors. We have 4 mini dogs and a bengal cat.We live in South Carolina!

Human worth and dignity 

Today in church we discussed human worth and dignity. Our worship leader for the day gave us examples of people that it's hard to give worth and dignity to. One of them was a recent South Carolina killer Jessica Edens. I went to school with Jessica and she was a perky high strung person. Didn't really hang out with her but my friends did and I knew her. She recently killed her exs lover and her two kids and herself. It's hard to give worth to someone who does something so bad . It's one of the principles of the Unitarian church though. I've had a lot of thoughts about this though. In March we lost a child in utero. It's our 2nd loss. It's hard for me to give someone worth that killed her own kids . But I understand that a normal person would not do that and there had to be mental health issues that played a big part of that. Our mental health system needs a huge upgrade. We need to pay attention to people who have mental health issues. We can't dismiss this anymore. Every human life has worth. Every human deserves dignity. A psychotherapist who is a member of our church spoke today about Dylan roof and how even he has worth. All people do bad things but how we treat others is a big part of who we are. Dylan obviously didn't care for others and that makes him a very misguided and mentally Ill individually. If we treat him like shit then we are no better. If someone hurts you then it's ok to be mad it's ok to be upset but we must treat them with respect and see their worth. See another persons worth. Look at that persons perspective before you judge. 



Hey guys! I typically only have a blog up until a new one is posted ( kinda out with the old in with the new type thing). But until I get it together……. haha….. you can always follow me on Instagram which has a more in depth look into what’s happening and way more exciting stuff than here lol. So don’t be shy. Kody2884 is where you can find me! 

Books and learning 

I’ve had a little time to read and it’s been amazing. I finished the 4 agreements by don Miguel. I finished the wisdom of ancient Egypt by James atern . I’m still reading fuck it by John Parkin, Radiance ( experience divine presence) by Gina lake.( update**** I have just finished this book). and bully proof by James Kerr. 

An amazing book. One that’s a life changer and a different blog!
Still reading this.
So much yes!
So much yes!
Kindle favorite
Kindle favorite
Kindle favorite

Tennessee adventure 

Trip to Tennessee a few weeks back . We have been to bays mountain before but if you ever get a chance to go then bays mountain is definitely worth the trip. So beautiful! Also warriors path state park is awesome and should not be looked over! 

Charmer of all creatures
Friendly deer
He was fishing lol
This view
Beaver dam
On the boat
He loves rides on boats
❤️ he enjoyed the water moving past
Watching the wolves get fed
Yum deer meat…….
Throwing meat to the wolves
Friend deer ( note* these deer don’t get eaten by the wolves they are tame deer that have been rescued along with the wolves).
Hey buddy
Hey dude!

Let it be known I have no idea what my son is looking at…….
We got him a wolf from the gift shop… He named him wolf…. Original dude…… Original!
Go for it little man!
Here is where I do a promo………… This place is absolutely amazing. The food is so good , I mean make you crave it good! The atmosphere is amazing, waterfall outside? Yes! The service is 100% ( this happens to be the night I found out about my friend and the waitress handled it like a champ!)
Said waterfall

Almost forgot..

Went to the mountains a couple of weeks back to see the leaves changing color. Took little man and he loved it! 

The drive ❤️
Bald rock
On top
We caught it at prime changing color!
This is my place. My comfort zone!
Brought little man to my place
Watch out for the train
He LOVES trains….
Pretty place
Pretty place. This was actually my first time ever going and it was an amazing view!
Little man was probably doing yoga lol……… Or being crazy lol
The colors are so intense! Love it

Pagan pride and walk out of darkness 

Pagan pride was absolutely amazing. We had a better time getting there and back. Classes were fantastic. They really focused on the material and really was a good “meat and potatoes ” type classes. So much information and learning. The two that stood out to me where shamanic breath work and pagans in politics. The shamanic breath work was amazing and each one of us got to experience a vison which was amazing because i really learned how to go into a vision when previously I never thought I could. Also I never could have paid attention long enough to go into that but for the first time in a long time I was. We shared out visions with our team and discussed what they could mean. I’m still not sure I know what mine means but I’m sure I’ll find out. To put it very shortly I was running through the woods and came to the base of a waterfall and I looked up and there was a huge deer with a pretty big rack. I focused on the deer for a hot minute and when I turned around something attacked me leaving my left arm bleeding but some animal ( who I can’t identify) healed me . Then I left the waterfall and ran back into the woods. I came out of the woods and left with a sense of understanding and knowing that, that is what needed to happen. Pagans in politics was good. I got to hear what it was like to be in politics and be pagan. I learned a lot about politics and how it is viewed from a politician stand point and got an inside look on how a pagan politician does things. There is quite a bit more that I learned but this weekend has been 100mph and I’m still kinda processing it all. But we all had a blast and all of us are filled with spiritual fullness and love and light ! 

Nice moon
This way to a great day!
Dancing around to the sounds of music
My new book
My wife got me a candle. She said it was made for me…. Looks like a beer glass and it’s pumpkin spice
Happy day!!!

Walk out of darkness! This year was the first year that my whole family walked. It was awesome to see friends from last year that I made and families from last year come back this year. The talks were deep and Amazing! There was a Greenville  teacher who spoke to us about loosing his son to suicide and how much that affected him. The best part? He pointed to a huge group of students who were there to support him! They were all in tears. It was great to see support! He spoke about us all being family and being brought together by tragedy and how none of us asked to be in this family but we were here now and he’s so sorry we were in the walk family but he was happy we were there and he stood with us all ! Then there was another speaker who is a 911 dispatcher and she told us of her struggles of suicide and how she fights everyday to get better and how much her wife has helped her in her healing path. She reminded everyone that no matter the struggles that you are loved and you are valuable. The walk was amazing because the scenery was beautiful ( and only 2 minutes from my work. This might be a regular thing lol). The line of people was very very long and the hearts of people were very very big! This year was a little different in some aspects. We all had a good time and were filled with love and support! We left the walk with a sense of love and support not only for each other but for other families going through this as well! 

We have a non walker! Lol
The line was LONG! And there were still tons of people behind us!
Pointing out everything that he could lol
Smiling and having fun is totally allowed on such a stressful day!
Me, my cousin Nikki, and her hubby Jace!

Tennessee part 6

when you feel on top of the world!
beautiful and no cell service? my kind of vacation!
fallen trees make perfect bridges. i used it for just that!
climbing waterfalls!
this little friend!
the views are great!
my son enjoying nature!
view on clingmans dome! highest point of tenn. you have not lived until you enjoy views like this!
lucky to share this view with the two most important people in my life❤️
little stop in cherokee nc.
tunnel on blue ridge parkway.
more little stops
this view can not be bought
so we stoped in nc to stretch and did a quick hike to this amazing little spot! it was absoulte fun!
built this while we were there!
in the hiking world cairns piss some hikers off while some hikers love them. just a matter of what spirtual journey you aretaking at the time i guess. i decided to build one though.
playing in the water!
cold, clear, mountain water
pretty excited to be playing in the water!
pure two year old enjoyment!
splashing with daddy
for everyone to enjoy
i truly have the best life ever!