Human worth and dignity 

Today in church we discussed human worth and dignity. Our worship leader for the day gave us examples of people that it's hard to give worth and dignity to. One of them was a recent South Carolina killer Jessica Edens. I went to school with Jessica and she was a perky high strung person. Didn't really hang out with her but my friends did and I knew her. She recently killed her exs lover and her two kids and herself. It's hard to give worth to someone who does something so bad . It's one of the principles of the Unitarian church though. I've had a lot of thoughts about this though. In March we lost a child in utero. It's our 2nd loss. It's hard for me to give someone worth that killed her own kids . But I understand that a normal person would not do that and there had to be mental health issues that played a big part of that. Our mental health system needs a huge upgrade. We need to pay attention to people who have mental health issues. We can't dismiss this anymore. Every human life has worth. Every human deserves dignity. A psychotherapist who is a member of our church spoke today about Dylan roof and how even he has worth. All people do bad things but how we treat others is a big part of who we are. Dylan obviously didn't care for others and that makes him a very misguided and mentally Ill individually. If we treat him like shit then we are no better. If someone hurts you then it's ok to be mad it's ok to be upset but we must treat them with respect and see their worth. See another persons worth. Look at that persons perspective before you judge. 


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