When we first moved to the upstate we looked for a place of worship . We visited every open excepting church in the upstate. Even one in NC. None of them really fit what we wanted out of religion. We revisited a UU church and realized that, that is our place. So last week we joined and it’s been amazing and we can’t wait to get involved and learn on our spiritual journey. It’s been really refreshing and calming to finally find a home church and love where we are. We really love it there and there has been so much I’ve learned. The sermon today was about “what would you do if you had no limitations”.  It’s really hard because I’ve had lots of limitations in my life. I’ve used those as an excuse to not do things, presumably because I’m scared of the outcome. I don’t want to fail and so I don’t try because it’s easier not to try then try and fail. I’ve not had any support until I met my wife. She really has been there for me and truly wants to see me succeed! We have already joined a group and plan on doing more. 

New members!!!! Very proud!!!!
What UU believe


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