Year in review 2016

2016 has been a challenge for us all. Don’t matter who you are you have been challenged this year. It seems that it was just not a good year for most people. For me it was an ok year. It had some good and some bad. I really can’t complain about any year because every new year I’m alive! My year started off as any normal year. My son turned two, I’m 90% sure my ex whom I was on speaking terms with either died or fell off the earth( update, seen her recently and she’s not dead! ) , I mourned the loss of Robin Williams, prince, David Bowie, and gene wilder like everyone else, we were constantly visiting other states, we all tried not to get the Zika virus, we all laughed as North Korea threw a temper tantrum and launched a missile knowing they didn’t have the strength to reach the US, we cried as we watched harambe get shot because a parent couldn’t keep track of their kid, we cried when a terrorist killed gay people at a club in Florida, I had a friend get killed by a serial killer, I turned a year older…..( 32….ahhhhhhhh) , we had a couple of wonderful things happen that I can’t mention yet, we are moving, and we all watched in horror and excitement as they announced our new president of the United States of America! This year was also filled with crazy new dances like the dab, juju on that beat, nae nae, hit the Quan , and shmoney and who can forget the pen pineapple Apple pen!!!! The hover board ( which is not really a hover board) really took the world by storm. The drones got more popular by the day. And more people can smoke weed legally now. Next year will hopefully be better and less deaths and more love. More love is truly what we need. The more people show love the less people have to be mad about! I’m convinced that love is the answer. 


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