Tennessee adventure 

Trip to Tennessee a few weeks back . We have been to bays mountain before but if you ever get a chance to go then bays mountain is definitely worth the trip. So beautiful! Also warriors path state park is awesome and should not be looked over! 

Charmer of all creatures
Friendly deer
He was fishing lol
This view
Beaver dam
On the boat
He loves rides on boats
❤️ he enjoyed the water moving past
Watching the wolves get fed
Yum deer meat…….
Throwing meat to the wolves
Friend deer ( note* these deer don’t get eaten by the wolves they are tame deer that have been rescued along with the wolves).
Hey buddy
Hey dude!

Let it be known I have no idea what my son is looking at…….
We got him a wolf from the gift shop… He named him wolf…. Original dude…… Original!
Go for it little man!
Here is where I do a promo………… This place is absolutely amazing. The food is so good , I mean make you crave it good! The atmosphere is amazing, waterfall outside? Yes! The service is 100% ( this happens to be the night I found out about my friend and the waitress handled it like a champ!)
Said waterfall


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