Tennessee part 6

when you feel on top of the world!
beautiful and no cell service? my kind of vacation!
fallen trees make perfect bridges. i used it for just that!
climbing waterfalls!
this little friend!
the views are great!
my son enjoying nature!
view on clingmans dome! highest point of tenn. you have not lived until you enjoy views like this!
lucky to share this view with the two most important people in my life❤️
little stop in cherokee nc.
tunnel on blue ridge parkway.
more little stops
this view can not be bought
so we stoped in nc to stretch and did a quick hike to this amazing little spot! it was absoulte fun!
built this while we were there!
in the hiking world cairns piss some hikers off while some hikers love them. just a matter of what spirtual journey you aretaking at the time i guess. i decided to build one though.
playing in the water!
cold, clear, mountain water
pretty excited to be playing in the water!
pure two year old enjoyment!
splashing with daddy
for everyone to enjoy
i truly have the best life ever!


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